Water Treatment Chemicals, A Modern Approach For Safe Drinking Water

"Millions have lived without love, but there is no love without water!" This oxygen-infused dihydrogen molecule is the foundation of all living creatures on Earth. If it's cooking water or to meet basic sanitation requirements, the role of water remains irreplaceable as the entire human life depends on water. According to estimates, 3.4 million of the world's population per year due to lack of access to safe drinking water. Drinking water that is safe for consumption remains an enormous problem. Chemistry is the solution. Chemical industry has created various water treatment chemicals to increase access to pure drinking water. This is an enormous benefit for humanity.


What are water treatment chemicals?


While the definitions of water treatment chemicals can be divided into two lines, it is not sufficient and would produce arbitrary conclusions. Let's examine boiler water treatment chemicals and see what it means to us.


Contemporarily, the demand for safe and fresh water is constantly increasing, owing to satisfy the demands of the human population and to help support the industrial processes. Due to the growing economic growth and urbanization and the increasing demand for water, the present supply will not meet the ever growing demand. Therefore, chemical industries employ new methods of water treatment in order to create water that is suitable for the purpose of drinking, cooking, irrigation and industrial purpose to mention a few. The water treatment techniques employ four fundamental processes, which include boiler water treatment as well as cooling water treatment. These are water purification and treatment of wastewater effluent. The components that are removed in the process of water treatment are suspended solids, virus and fungi, bacteria algae and minerals. The process is a combination of chemical and physical methods. Water treatment chemicals are the chemicals used in this process.

Common Water Treatment Chemicals


The most commonly used chemicals for water treatment process are:






Chlorine dioxide


Muriatic acid


Soda Ash or Sodium bicarbonate


There are numerous different chemicals boiler water treatment chemicals that can be used in addition to the ones listed above. Water treatment methods include clarifiers, clarifiers coagulants, flocculants and filter cleaners.


The Future Water Treatment Industry:


The industrial water treatment chemicals plays crucial roles in providing clean water across the globe and prevents various water-related diseases. Thanks to the cutting-edge boiler water treatment chemicals and other chemicals that are related, water from the sea, polluted rivers, and wastewater effluents are now able to be made safe for human consumption. CeraMac in Andijk II, Netherlands have created and developed a membrane, that, unlike conventional membranes, provides advanced water filtering. PWN Technologies, a global water treatment company is developing a unique water treatment system that can help reduce the global water crisis. The technology involves ceramic membrane applications and the exchange of suspended ions.