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Makerspace: How To Design A Button


Button, button, who makes the button? I do! Teens do! But how do they do it? Yesterday, I gave you some basic information on making buttons, and today let's talk about designing your own buttons.


In this post, a button will refer to your final circle image cut to size that is put between two button parts - the shell and the pin back. This will ultimately become your button. It's the graphic piece that you design to create a button.


What Software Can You Make Use Of To Design A Button

This is the last step. While it may sound odd, your ultimate goal is to design a button that is properly measured. This graphic piece can help your design stand out. After that, you need to print and size the button insert. This is where we'll start. Whenever you really want to find out new information on button maker, you have to click over here at website.


In the last step, I suggest using a program such as Microsoft Publisher to finish your button design. This allows you to create your button true to size and then print it out. You can select an outline and then scale it up to 2.25 if you're making buttons using the Insert Shape feature. The fill feature to fill in the button with the circle or you can use it as an outline and then overlay it on your image to make sure that the image you'd like to look like does indeed appear on the center of the button maker.


Why do we need Publisher?


You require a software for publishing that can handle graphics effectively and prints in a consistent size. If you design circles in PowerPoint but it doesn't print in the correct size, regardless of how it appears on screen. This is because PowerPoint slides don't look the same. PowerPoint slide doesn't look the same as sheets. It's a computer-oriented program, not a print focused program. Publisher was designed to create and print printing materials. It is great for printing button inserts.


In a pinch, you can create the image in another application and copy and paste it into Word at the correct size, but it's just a couple of steps. Word was my main program for a while, even when I recently installed Microsoft Publisher on my laptop. Although it's functional, it's more complicated than I'd prefer.


Publisher Is The Most Effective Way To Design Your Button


So let's go back to the beginning - designing your button's design.


Let's be honest, if you're using Publisher to size and print your buttons, you may in fact use them to design the entire button , if you select. This isn't the only tool I employ. There are a variety of other tools you can explore.


Although I strongly suggest that you end and print using Publisher, it does not mean that you have to begin there. I most often don't. For instance, I could fall in love with a picture I have taken on Instagram which is then my initial point of departure. You might create something online using Canva and export it to the publisher for printing and sizing. There are a variety of photo applications which allow you to include text, filters, and other features to your photos. After creating my image, I simply save it to my computer. Then, I insert it into Publisher to print it and then resize. Certain buttons require more work than others. The design process is what I am most passionate about.


A Few Design Tips To Keep In Mind


All the fundamental guidelines of graphic design are applicable:


Make sure your fonts are legible in style and color , when using the background color


Limit the fonts you employ


Be aware of pixelation when you are resizing images. Be aware of pixelation when scaling


Learn more about the fundamental Elements and the Fundamentals of Graphic Design


In addition, remember that you're designing in a circle. This can present some particular challenges, particularly because a large portion of the traditional design we do is designed in the square format. Make sure your design is focused on the circle's center. Make sure you keep any text or important parts in place.