How To Use A Computerized Device Reamer Properly


PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) (Polycrystalline diamond) is an artificial tool material that can be utilized for processing plastic, wood and even metal. The material is popular due to its high durability and wear resistance.


The advantages of PCD tools include long service life, fast cutting speed, and continuous and reliable quality, etc.


What is the best way to make a cut?


A reamer is a device that rotates which has one or more teeth. It is used to take thin layers of metal from the surface of a hole.


Problems and solutions when using reamer


Augmentation in pore size


Reduce the diameter of your reamer to match the circumstances. Adjust the feed rate or decrease the allowance. Choose a cutting liquid with better cooling capabilities. Examine the various tools before you begin to machine to limit the impact. If you desire additional hints on sundi cutting tools, click over here.


Aperture shrinkage


Adjust the diameter of your reamer, boost the speed of cutting as well as adjust the feed. Finally, choose an oily cutting fluid that has good lubricating characteristics. When you're trying out cutting experiments ensure that you take the appropriate amount of space and make sure to sharpen your reamer.


Service life of the reamer is very short.


Select the reamer material according to the material used for processing, and pcd drill bit can be used to control the quantity of cutting and sharpening; correctly select the cutting fluid based on the material used for processing; typically eliminate the chips that are in the chip groove.


The tolerance for the position accuracy of reamed holes is


Regularly replace the guide sleeve and lengthen the guide sleeve in order to increase the matching accuracy of the guide sleeve, as well as the reamer clearance; timely repair the machine tool and adjust the spindle bearing clearance.


Reamer tooth chipping


You can alter the dimensions of the hole reduce the material hardness or utilize the negative or carbide angle reamer to regulate the swing.


Reamer shank broken


Modify the pre-machined aperture size alter the allowance distribution, and decide on the cutting quantity reasonable; decrease the amount of reamer teeth, expand the chip area or even grind the gap by one tooth.


After reaming it, the centerline isn't straight


To fix the hole, speed up the reaming/boring procedure; adjust the reamer to the right setting; replace the reamer with the extended cutting or guide.


The surface of the hole is adorned with obvious edges


Reduce the reaming allowance, reduce the clearance angle of the cutting part and adjust the spindle on the machine tool.


High surface roughness value of the inside of the hole


To ensure that chip removal is simple, cut the speed of cutting and select the right cutting fluid to cut the material.


The inner hole is not round.


To control hole position tolerances during the preprocessing procedure using a reamer with a certification. Use an unequal pitch and a longer, more precise guide sleeves. When using an equal pitch reamer to make a hole that is more precise, the spindle clearance of the machine tool must be adjusted, and the clearance of the guide sleeve needs to be greater or a suitable clamping method used to decrease the force of clamping.

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