What Are The Features And The Best Way To Use PCD Cutting Tools?


Polycrystalline Diamond is also known as PCD. It is a composite substance composed of diamond and cemented carbide. It is usually created by mixing diamond powder with a binder and cemented caride matrix and then sintering at high temperatures and high pressure.



PCD tool material has features of high toughness, high compressive strength, excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance, low wear on the tool and a more stable cutting process, which helps reduce surface roughness. Precision machining and high efficiency can also be achieved when cutting at high speed. This is a popular tool used in aerospace automobile electronics, automotive electronics and stone.


Processing non-ferrous metals which are difficult to machine with conventional tools may result in issues such as wear and tear on tools or a low efficiency of processing. But, pcd reamer combination, on contrary, can provide excellent processing performance.




1. The widespread use of composite materials in aerospace implies that there are more demands on the tools used for cutting these materials. The proportion of pcd reamer combination is increasing and it is gradually become the top player in the design of cutting tools within the aerospace sector.


2. The automotive processing industry covers nearly all of the aluminum alloy processing fields which includes special steps in composite tools and casting aluminum processing taps. Composite drills and reamers are used to make high-precision holes. Large-diameter drills may be used in conjunction together with PCD tools. Hard material processing drills and others.


3. Other industries also utilize PCD tools to process difficult-to-machine materials such as stone, hardcarbon carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), or artificial boards. Due to the rapid growth of synthesized boards (medium-density fiberboard, particleboard composite flooring and so on. ) Demand for knives that are superhard has increased, and polycrystalline diamond knives are gradually replacing the traditional woodworking knives in the market.


PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) cutting tools are the ideal substitute for carbide in many non-ferrous machining applications. There will be higher rate of metal removal, lower cycle times, and increased tool life with pcd reamer combination. An advanced PCD tool will be a more prominent player in the marketplace with its diverse manufacturing materials. It will provide real profit and competitiveness to related manufacturing firms.