10 Things To Consider When Purchasing Garment Buttons

Buttons can be used as a fastener however they can also be great accessories to enhance the appearance of your clothes. Choosing the right type of custom buttons that is suited to your style and practical requirements isn't an easy task considering the various kinds and choices offered.


So in this guide we will go over the ten factors you should be aware of before buying the buttons.

The type of garment


Before anything else, we must first consider which type of garment the buttons are attached to, because arguably this is the most important step. For formal wear, buttons are different from those wedding dresses. However, children's clothing will also require different requirements compared to adults' casual wear.


There are a variety of things to consider in relation to the type of clothing, in addition to other aspects.


They can have a different amount of stress and pressure.


Each has their own aesthetic norms.


There are different life expectancies available.


Certain types of animals will require easier cleaning techniques.


Fabric types


Different fabrics come with different thicknesses, weights, stability and colors, and it is important to take these aspects into consideration when selecting the right buttons.


If the fabric is thicker, like leather, it is more difficult to sew the flat button. It is also important to consider the fact that thinner custom buttons will break easily when sewn with too much force. Big and heavy buttons on lighter fabrics such as cashmere and chiffon should be avoided since they could stretch the fabric, ruining the design.




What is the purpose of the buttons? Most of the time, it's just a bolting function.


However, sometimes buttons can be utilized for aesthetic purposes. For instance, buttons could be used to attach accessories or to attach another piece of garment. It can also be used as the main focus of the overall design, in many cases.


However some garments may require a particular type of button to fulfill its use. For instance, clothes designed for formal wear will require simple, functional button that has smaller color and shape variations.


Style or aesthetic


You should choose the right kind of button to fit the overall style. You often had an overall idea of how your project will appear. The buttons should act as an instrument for bringing that image to life.


Does the garment features a specific shape of button or color that enhances its fashion aesthetic? If your design is colorful and feminine, it is recommended to choose buttons with shape and color that will enhance the overall look. Coral shell buttons are a great option as a complement to summer dresses.


Classification/Type of Button


There are a variety of buttons available according to different classifications that should be put into consideration. This can be assisted by our earlier guide on buttons for clothing.


Set Up Method


Different button types may require a different installation method. Consider the flat button and the shank buttons for instance. Flat buttons can be machine-sewn in order to attach it to different fabrics. Yet, shank buttons must be sewn manually, meaning the attachment requires greater time and effort.


If your project requires time, you may want to consider a button kind that is faster or easier to attach. Additionally, the difficulty of installation could impact the cost.




Buttons can be found in many different sizes, and you should select the appropriate size based on the requirements of your business.


If you intend to use the button to be an accent in your design, like, you may choose an enormous size. It is also possible that you do not want your button to be too small when you're wearing fur coat.


Our previous guide on button sizes will help you in the future.




Color selection should be made in accordance with your personal preferences. There are a variety of button choices that are available in all colors. It is important to consider the quality and longevity of the finish. If it becomes brittle when washed, it may cause damage to the fabric.


Specific Requirements


Before buying custom buttons, there are other things that you might want to think about.


Salt spray test to detect corrosion, especially useful with metal buttons.


Is the button machine machine washable?


Physical durability. Based on the fabric you choose, you might need an additional durable button.




Based on the requirements of your business, you might require specially designed buttons that are suited to your specific style or cater to a specific function. This can be quite costly however, it will save you time and money over trying to find the best option.

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